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At Exodus Goldsmiths, we specialize in bringing new life to old jewelry. We know first hand that there is little else that compares to the sense of connection and love you get from wearing a piece of jewelry you inherited or were gifted by someone you love.Whether you have a loose gemstone or a handful of grandma's old rings, we can turn them into a new heirloom piece for you love and cherish, and then one day pass on to a loved one. 



Book a video or phone consultation with one of our designers below to start the process! Share your ideas, hopes, timeline, and ideal budget. Projects begin at $1,500.There is a $100 non-refundable consultation fee that will be put towards the cost of the final piece if you decide to design with us!


We remove your stones from your existing jewelry, clean them, evaluate and photograph them, and then provide a full take-in report delivered 3-5 business days after we receive the jewelry. This report is not an official appraisal but a snapshot of the pieces you have, evaluating their compatibility with your new design.


We will hand draw 2-3 design options for you as a starting point, using the heirloom stones you've supplied. From there we will work with your closely to nail down the perfect design.

Finally, we will have a hyper-realistic  rendering made where you can really get a visual of the final piece! 


We take it from here! Our goldsmiths and artisans hand craft your new heirloom piece. We stay in touch throughout the entire 4-6 week process!

We can send progress photos upon request, but be warned! It's a dirty job and you will need to trust the process! Nothing beautiful ever started out that way. But we promise you'll love the final piece.