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Antique Cushion Rose-Cut Moissanite

Antique Cushion Rose-Cut Moissanite

  • Man-made; colorless; eye clean; excellent brilliance; good cut; good polish.
  • Stone harness: 9.25
  • Moissanites have a different specific gravity (3.218-3.22) than diamonds (3.52), so they weigh much less on a scale even if they are the same size visually as a larger diamond. 
  • Our loose stones are not for individual sale.
  • Return Policy

    Each piece of jewelry we sell is hand crafted, made to order, and is uniquely designed. We do not accept returns or exchanges on any of our pieces, including custom or personalized merchandise (custom, sized and engraved pieces). Please visit our Information & Policies page for more information.

  • Loose Stone Policy

    Our loose stones are not for individual sale. They must be set in a jewelry setting offered on our website, or set into a custom setting. They are non returnable and we cannot accept exchanges.

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